Daddies, Donuts, & Dialogue



BAR NONE’s 1st of 7 Conversationals, in partnership with Healthy Start New Orleans presents…“Daddies, Donuts, & Dialogue: “A conversation with dad’s on how their being incarcerated affected the relationship between them and their children.” 

Often times, discussions regarding the prison industrial complex, exclude those who are formerly incarcerated, although we see fit to interview those directly impacted (e.g., currently/formerly incarcerated, family, friends).

The goal of our Conversationals,  is to allow steps toward healing, not only for our participants, but for those who we hope will join in the fight against the ills of the prison industrial complex.

With our 1st conversation, we understand that not being in your child’s life for any amount of time is disheartening. However, repairing, reconnecting, establishing and even being an example for others going through this that is vital for both the child and dad and every amount of time spent mending that bond allows dad and child to step into their greatness individually and together.

Seating is limited!


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